For us, the founders, it all started the year 2012 as a personal interest for the plant. We researched the plant and the market and tried to find good quality products from trustable companies. Seeing a lot of flaws in the business made us visit south-east Asia and to start up this company in direct cooperation with the farmers.


Revolutionizing this industry has always been our goal. Today we have a warehouse which we ship from daily. We have sourced the purest products from stabile suppliers which we have professional relationship with. No middle-men involved. All batches are lab-tested when arriving for total quality control and the packaging process has been continuously improved since the start. We believe in repeatability and reproducibility in our processes.


The customer is the first and the last and therefore we strive to be superior in the customer experience. The webshop has been thoroughly analyzed and built for both User Interface and User Experience. The experience through the shop should be as easy and flawless as possible. Our team is highly involved in these factors together with customer service.

Kratom Bird

The bird is a brand that stands for openness, freedom and trust. Kratom Bird has a clear mission: to offer only pure, premium and quality assured kratom for the most revolutionary prices. The bird strives to make this natural choice available for everyone.