Are you looking for a reliable kratom company that supplies the best kratom for the lowest prices in Europe? Then look no further, kratom bird is a part of Europe’s largest corporation supplying kratom in the whole of EU since 2016. We strive to offer only the best kratom and to be genuine to our customers, all our products are lab tested and have gone through an extensive quality control to insure we only import the best leaves!

According to experts, the market for kratom, especially in the US, is an already $1.3 billion industry and Europe is slowly catching up. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this booming market, be a reseller for kratom bird and supply your customers with premium kratom TODAY!

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Reseller for Kratom Bird?

We offer premium kratom!

Our factories work with high quality manufacturing practices and set the bar high to others to follow. Having good standard, practice and quality manifests in the end result and we are proud to be using experts in the industry who cares about setting the best practice protocols for our production. We pride ourselves in our factory. Today we have an excellent team of quality controllers to ensure a great product you can sell to your customers!

We are the only company in Europe that disinfects our products!

The raw material is disinfected with UV-C which is the most effective method to disinfect kratom from viruses and bacteria and before export all boxes are sterilised in gamma sterilisation facilities for extra layer of protection against bacteria and viruses.

We offer lab tested products!

Everybody says they lab test their products, but do they really? Buying from us insure you 100% lab tested kratom with actual lab reports from Eurofins, world’s largest and authorized laboratory company.

Low prices!

We offer the best wholesale prices B2B and B2C in Europe. From 10 kg to 10 000 kg, we can supply you with any amount you need, contact us today and we can discuss further!

European wholesaler

Our company is located Sweden, meaning you can get your order within days! we work with FedEx who can deliver within a week to all European countries for a very low price! You don’t need to buy from southeast Asia anymore and pay high shipping fees!

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